Throughout the WAY OF THE WARRIORS writing process, screenwriter John Montague has collaborated with musicians Todd and Graham Geisler (aka The Iron Range Roadies) on a collection of original songs that are inspired by key scenes in the script. The songs are intended to be recorded by hand-picked artists and featured on the film’s soundtrack. See below for demo versions of these songs with titles and scene descriptions:


This rootsy rock song plays over the opening credits and scenes of the film. We see aerial vistas of Northern Minnesota. The lush green forests and brilliant blue lakes. The landscape abruptly changes as we fly over massive, open pit mines that look more like the Grand Canyon or a lunar landscape than a source of iron ore. On the edge of the mines, we see the small mining town of Eveleth. We push in on Eveleth and see the various residents amidst their routines on another long summer day. A slow drive down main street, we see the largest hockey stick in the world at a corner park, a large wall mural that proclaims “The Home of Hockey,” Penalty Box bar, U.S. Hockey Hall of Fame, and more. We see a group of young boys and girls playing street hockey. Hockey isn’t just a sport here – it’s a way of life. This is a song about life in rural America.

This song is intended for an artist/band in the style of Martin Zellar and the Gear Daddies


This rock song plays loudly from the car stereo and over an early scene while reckless younger brother Tate Murray races his mom’s car down back country dirt roads with his three best friends, Max, Kyle and Steve, alongside another car filled with boys from their nearby town and hockey foe, Virginia. The cars come upon a fairly sharp turn at high speeds and only the boys from Virginia are lucky enough to hold the road. Tate and his friends hold on for the lives as the car slides out of control and plunges into a roadside creek. This is a song about conflict and perseverance.

This song is intended for an artist/band in the style of Chris Hawkey


This romantic pop song plays underneath and over the first scenes where we see older brother Brooks Murray and the young woman, Emma Stephenson, who he’s fallen in love with during her summer spent up north with her family at their lake home. We see them spending time together on the lake, playing, laughing, laying together on a swim platform under the stars. This is a song about first love – and summer love.

This song is intended for an artist/band in the style of Jonah Marais


This romantic, edgy pop song plays underneath and over early scenes where we see Brooks and Emma struggling as their memories and suntans from summer begin to fade but their feelings for each other don’t. We see them back in school, in various activities with their friends and classmates. Now, many miles apart, Brooks is both tantalized and taunted with his feelings that, like a star, Emma is always there. This is a song about faith and believing even when your heart and mind are filled with doubts.

This song is intended for an artist/band in the style of Paul Westerberg



This soulful song plays underneath a scene where Wenona and Jake quietly speak before bed. An emotional chasm has grown between them and she attempts to address it but Jake stubbornly resists and dismisses her. While Jake insists everything is fine, Wenona knows better. As he turns away and falls asleep, she lays awake battling with her thoughts. This is a song about trusting your intuition and instincts.

This song is intended for an artist/band in the style of Dessa w/Abi Wolf



This gripping song plays over the scenes right after Jake learns his fate with a diagnosis of terminal cancer. He drives along the coastal highway along Lake Superior then stops to gaze out at the vast body of water as he contemplates his future, or lack thereof. He looks up to the Heavens and slowly begins to accept the news, then drives back home to Eveleth where he slowly drives past the Hippodrome and other significant places from his past. He stops outside The Roosevelt, badly craving the comforts of alcohol, but restarts his truck and drives home where the lights are still on. This is a song about a middle-aged man’s internal conversation with both his wife and his god. It is a song about faith, forgiveness and acceptance.

This song is intended for an artist/band in the style of Todd Geisler and the Iron Range Roadies


This up-tempo, alternative rock song plays over two scenes with the same emotional premise. The first scene is when Brooks joins Emma for a summer afternoon of boating with her two brothers wakeboarding and playing on the water. The second scene is when Brooks drives his dad’s pickup truck from the Iron Range to the Twin Cities with big plans to surprise Emma with a holiday gift before his college interview with a Harvard alum. During both scenes, Brooks struggles with a confused heart and mind as he wonders if Emma loves him, or not. Are they friends, or more than friends? This song is about the exhilaration and uncertainty of young love.

This song is intended for an artist/band in the style of the Remo Drive


This heartfelt song plays over a scene where Brooks endures the long drive home from the Twin Cities after seeing Emma and interviewing with a Harvard alum. He’s devastated, knowing that neither of the encounters was promising and he’s now forced to contemplate a future without Emma or Harvard. This song is about the devastation felt from a broken heart – the deep sense of pain and loss that is experienced when letting someone or something go.

This song is intended for an artist/band in the style of Jonah Marais


This folksy, alt-country song plays underneath a bar scene like a crusty jukebox while various regulars drink and commiserate. Several of the older men are drinking together and talking about the town and hockey team’s misfortunes. Jake enters in the midst of the conversation and confronts his greatest antagonist. This song is about the pain experienced from an exhausted, uninspired relationship that’s lost its passion and purpose. It’s about the primal need to connect with others and be loved.

This song is intended for an artist/band in the style of the Dead Man Winter


This high-energy modern rock song plays over a scene where Brooks exercises and trains in the garage behind their house. As he works-out and shoots pucks, he’s focused on a better future where he imagines attending Harvard and being with Emma every day. He’s driven to work hard in pursuit of this dream. The song continues underneath as Tate interrupts his workout to announce his desire to quit hockey and Brooks shares brotherly wisdom to help inspire and guide him. The City of Diamonds is a world that is far away, almost untouchable from the City of Iron Ore. This song is about aspiration and obsession. It’s hopeful and optimistic without being dreamy.

This song is intended for an artist/band in the style of Hippo Campus

11. MORE

This pop song plays under a scene where Brooks and Emma both lay in their beds, worlds apart, listening to music on headphones and thinking about each other. This song is about wanting something you can’t have.

This song is intended for an artist/band in the style of Bad Bad Hats or Polica



This hip-hop song plays over and under scenes where Brooks, Tate and their teammates, classmates and others interact at a house party in Eveleth while Emma, Blaine and their classmates interact at a house party in Edina. While the environments of both parties are very different, the nights ends in a very similar manner for both Brooks and Emma. This song is about the memorable moments in life and good times spent with friends.

This song is intended for an artist/band in the style of Atmosphere

13. WE Are One

This synth-rock anthem song plays over the hockey scenes as the Warriors begin to come together and play as a true team. Following an inspirational talk from Coach Jake, we see that the boys are bonding and having fun playing the game like they did when they were young.

This song is intended for an artist/band in the style of Yam Haus


This cover song from the great Irish rock band, Thin Lizzy, plays over and underneath a scene where the community has gathered in their local VFW Hall for a fund-raiser spaghetti dinner to raise money for the team’s upcoming trip to the Twin Cities for the State Tournament. Jake’s assistant coach and friend J.J. and his band provides the entertainment as everyone celebrates together, looking ahead to the Tourney. This song is about brotherhood, wildly living, and sharing good times together. This song will also likely be used for the pond hockey scene where the legends come out to play with the boys and help get them ready for the Tourney.


15. HOME

This big, country theme song plays over the final scene in the film as Wenona escorts Jake out of the arena, to take him home after winning the state championship. It continues during the end credits as we see a slideshow of photos from Jake’s life, as though we’re attending his funeral. This song is about the circle of life and eternity. It’s about learning how to live before it’s too late. It’s about hockey, faith and family. It’s about home.

This song is intended for an artist/band in the style of Switchfoot, Parmalee or Carrie Underwood