The Calm Before The Storm

Way of the Warriors

The Calm Before The Storm

It is 6:21am. The coffee is brewed. The “Warrior Room” is open and the lights are on. Enjoying a little silence… confident in the fact that our world is going to get very noisy from now until Thanksgiving. This will be an epic journey, one built on faith and family while at the same time showing the world what makes hockey more than just a game. I am surrounded by my two brothers, a childhood friend and a kindred spirit/hockey dad. This family of brothers is united in the mission of telling the story of northern Minnesota, hockey families and the bond we have formed for this great game.

I am grateful for this opportunity. Thank you John for sharing your dream with us and now it has become our dream too. No one could possibly take on this task alone and we are here for you.
I am convinced that the hockey community wants and deserves an authentic and inspirational film like this one. We’ve waited long enough to tell this story and now it is time step on stage and share this story with the world.

Finally, thank you Sweet Spirit for your love. Your wind is blowing through this project and we are so grateful. Watch over us and guide us along this path we are about to embark on. We love you and we’ll see you when we come Home. But until then, we will live the WAY OF THE WARRIORS.

Buckle up!